I'm on the Terrain newsletter list and when one comes in I usually end up checking out what they have on their site. I think it's probably a place I'd like better for shopping in person rather than online. . . I bet the atmosphere changes the experience completely.
A handful of times I've seen the work of friends for sale in their shop and internally danced a celebratory jig of happiness for them.
Yesterday's visit produced a different kind of feeling when I saw Claudia Pearson's tea towels for sale. Obviously I think it's pretty cool that they have her work for sale there, she's got similar interests to my own. But seeing them made me wonder if I could get my work to that next level.

And the gears really started turning.

Maybe it's time to start considering gift shows and trade shows. . . what do you think? Have you done a trade show? What was your experience? Any alternatives to investing thousands of dollars up front to get your name in the spotlight?

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Claudia said...

Don't know if you follow Design Sponge, but they regularly post start-up tips from the biz ladies:


You might want to check out the full range of their articles - some great ideas and tips there.