I wish I had pictures to share with you today, but the weekend was filled with laundry and cleaning.

I did get a post up on Friday on Modish--bracing myself for blossom end rot after all this rain. Did you check it out?

The discount is still going strong, should you want to pad our wallets as we plan a trip to Ye Olde Portland. Just enter PORTLANDORBUST at check out. 40% people. 40%!

I did get a second (well, 20 minutes to be precise) to work on the next pattern I'm getting printed. Patterns inspired by friendship bracelets anyone? I'm not finished, it will be fully colored in (I think) but I have to find the time to work on art.

Maybe I'll have a second to pick up a camera this evening and I can show you all the weekend cleaning. You'll be impressed, I'm sure.

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