There wasn't much we could do last night to the kitchen, so it pretty much looks the same. Plus, muscles are aching ever so slightly, and Mabel is letting us know the distraction is somewhat disruptive to our well-honed routine.

C is getting started on the cabinets today, so we'll be back to total-kitchen-chaos this evening, but ending work early enough to make sure M is put to sleep on time.
After all the hard work, though, we're in for a real treat: look what's coming our way via Mr. UPS-Guy sometime today!
These are on their way to our house after being back ordered since well before Christmas.
Pin tuck? Yes, please! Organic cotton? Check. Color that won't show dirty doggy paw prints? Lesson learned. We got "clay", a quaint, appropriate name for the exact issue at hand.

Problem solved. Buy more things that are named after dirt to hide the actual, inevitable dirt that comes with owning many, many pets.

Look at this picture and tell me you wouldn't want to pull the blanket up around your face and stay curled up, luxuriating in the comfiness of your bed all. day. long. {Of course I realize we'll need to hire a stylist to come by and artfully dishevel our sleeping quarters every morning. I'm down with that.}

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Jeana Marie said...

may not be the same brand, but a friend of mine has a doona cover much like the one you've shown in white, it is stunning, I imagine just as beautiful in form in 'clay' you are in for a real treat, enjoy!

We never get much done around the girls...every little thing is an accomplishment!