This about sums up the last month or so of my life. The calendars came back from the printer and I've started shipping them out (61 of 100 left!). Between feedings yesterday I got a second to snap some pictures of them in my studio (nurdio).

Everything pre-Mabel seems ancient history, and the quiet moments around the house are heart-meltingly sweet. She's very patient as we stumble through new parenthood, and we're very very grateful for that. I'm now back to my day job, transitioning back into "real life"--you know, the one that doesn't involve cooing and ooing and staring at my baby all day. What a luxury that was!

Congratulations are in order for a few other mommas out there, too!
Abbey, Emma, Julie, Rachel, and Stephanie.

What have you all been up to over the last month? It's time to catch up on what's happening out in the world! Help me!


Caroline said...

It's funny how babies have that time warp effect on us. Welcome back!

pixie said...

i adore this photo. we still do a lot of chest snuggies even though our chunky monkey is nearly eight months old...
treasure these moments of teenyness, they do slip past so quickly.
(i also love your blog name!)