We're taking off later today for Cliff's memorial up at our family lake house. The aunts, uncles, cousins, cousins kids, and my immediate family are all going. It'll be nice. And sad, but good.

I have a refrigerator full of veggies from the farmer's market, so today I'll be pickling some okra and whatever else needs storing so we don't come home to a bunch of wasted money.

2 nights ago I made a variation of the fresh peach cake from 1000 Vegetarian Recipes. I only had powdered sugar from who knows what however long ago, so instead I soaked the peaches in honey and doubled the cake recipe. Of course, I didn't have any granola on-hand, so I skipped that part, put the peaches on the bottom and the cake on top.

It baked up with a crispy top, pound cake flavor, a lightweight, but fluffy like angel food, texture. It was so good I made 2 small cakes with a blueberries and peaches to take to the lake.

If I get the time (and energy!) I'll post the recipe later on this weekend.

Probably improbable, I dream of having dinner parties again. Maybe we need to make one of these for the room getting the new flooring, and perhaps these Paul McCobb chairs from a local consignment shop? They're $400 for the set, with the table--but I honestly have no idea why they've paired that table with those chairs. Do they look like they match to you?

Enough tangents for today. Hopefully the weekend will bring renewed focus. Until then, I've got a post coming up on Modish--all about blanching tomatoes, just in time, too. The juicy red garden jewels are going gangbusters and it's time to pack 'em up for later use. I hope to see you there!


lisa solomon said...

i hope the memorial isn't too sad....

how are you feeling???

Little Lovables said...

those are lovely chairs, and I agree, they do not fit very well together with the table