The images above are from other blogs (desire to inspire, martha stewart, and apartment therapy) that I've posted on here before. Since this weekend my goal is to get a guest bed figured out, I'm trying to pump myself up to make something I'll want to live with for a long time. If my recent energy level holds out {aka none} then the solution might just be to pull the old Jenny Lind bed out of the closet and set it up. {It's amazingly similar to this one.}
Of course, buying a day bed would be nice--If it didn't cost more than a month's work for me. The Case Study is a classic, CB2's roomy Piazza is the cheapest {at just under $1300} and roomy enough as is, while BluDot's One Night Stand has classic lines and doesn't look like a typical flip down into a bed item.

We have 2 more child birth classes and last night we toured the hospital where it'll all happen. We need to find a pediatrician for her after she comes out into the world and get the Volvo wagon all fixed up for action again. The flooring still needs to be laid, and this bed. Gah! This bed. We gotta have a bed for guests.

The days are disappearing more quickly now, just as the tips of my toes are setting under the horizon of my belly.

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