Hi C noticed a small little fish swimming around the pond a couple days ago--less than 2 inches long, including tail. I was more or less confounded--did the goldfish have babies? We knew they were happy in the pond, but not too sure what to think about this new development, and I didn't really believe him until I saw it with my own eyes yesterday.

Little minnow-y calico goldfish, spotted in black, white and bright orange, darting in and out of the rocks, feeding on the algae and gunk.

I was very cautious with the gold fish when we first got them; I don't think we ever had one live longer than a few months when I was a kid. This time we bought them for the pond, refused to name them, and sat back and waited for a failed attempt at keeping them happy. But apparently, goldfish don't like to be coddled and the new little ones are no different. They keep to themselves, take care of themselves, and generally go about business as if they are already teenagers. In reality, they must be just a few days old.

So I guess it's true around Chez Sneak, there's something in the water! {That or someone did some sort of ancient fertility ritual on our soil--do those things expire? I'm not sure we have anymore room for any new additions!}

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