Hello Lindsay commenter #5. . . are you out there? I don't have an email address for you, so if you want these Camera Obscura tickets, please let me know today! {Otherwise, another lucky person will receive the pair}

The weekend was nice and quiet, but busy. C and I took a quick trip up to my cousin's house in Durham to pick up a garage full of baby items. . . things I never knew existed, learning that there are different size nipples for bottles. Basically the whole thing was an experience that smacked me on the head then shouted in my ear, "Your world is about to be turned upside down. . .you have no idea." That voice was appropriately smug, since it was less than a week ago that I told my mom I thought C had no idea what we were in for (meaning: lack of sleep, changing diapers, etc.) but really, I guess neither of us do.

With all the stuff to learn, all the doctor's appointments and playful little internal kicks, little miss Mabel Davis is now as long as an ear of corn, or a papaya, whichever you prefer to envision. I'm also in my 5th month according to thebump.com, but in my sixth month according to Dr. Sears. . . because, you know, none of this stuff should really be all that straight forward.

In the meantime, maybe I'll have a chance to pick up a camera and document the chaos of the studio becoming a studio and nursery? If I don't, it's because my mom has me going on 3-4 mile daily walks with her, which pretty much takes wipes me of any energy there might have been.

We're also starting to talk about diapers. Anyone out there with great cloth diapering experiences?


Tracey said...

We bought the Bumkins cloth diapering kit, with a few extra Snappis and a few extra covers. Laundered the diapers ourselves . . . wasn't as much work as I thought it would be. Which was a good thing . . . :)

Chocolate and Steel said...

that's so good that you are walking a lot. It really will help your labor go smoother if you are in good-ish shape. best of luck.

Jeana Marie said...

i loved our cloth diapers ... with one bub it waas pretty easy once i got into a sort of rythymn with the washing, with a two yr old and newborn in diapers it was heaps trickier. I felt like I was just taking turns changing them all day long and the nappy bucket filled up in like ten minutes - or so it felt.

I would have kept it up (really loved hanging them out on the line :), but realistically after being diagnosed with severe ppd i just had to weed out anything that caused extra stress and take care of myself.

Nani still ends up in cloth when i have the fortitude - usually warmer months when it isn't so darn difficult to get things dry!

in the case of cloth nappies less is NOT more. especially if you ever try two in nappies as once!