Before the big trip to GA, I was wrapping up a small and very special project for my sister.
I don't think there's much of an overlap between the invitees and my friends here, so I think it's okay to show a bit of my design work here.
Last year my big sister found her soul mate, the one who makes her light up with joy, the one who makes her bright smile bigger and brighter than ever. While they dated, we all sort of nudged and giggled at how cute they are together, just waiting for the big news to come, and it did. Right at Christmas time, we found out there would be a new member in the family. And everyone was glad.
(I've mentioned it a couple times before.)

Out of sincere happiness, I volunteered to design the invitations. I printed them on my Epson, after trying desperately to rationalize buying a Gocco to do them. I couldn't rationalize it, unfortunately. *Sigh*

But I love the way they turned out, and despite the finicky nature of the printer, it wasn't too much of a pain to print them!

There's also matching thank you notes and stationary with the soon-to-be-new-family's name. You'll probably see a picture of those in the next couple days.

First I need to get my seeds started for the spring veggie garden. . .and maybe even get started on my Permaculture Design Practicum! Anyone out there ever built a cob oven?

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