Lots of activity around the ol' homestead these days. (OK, so it's not really a homestead yet, but 5 chickens and 500 square feet of barley should count for something, right?) I'm taking advantage of the end of year sales and picking up a few goodies of which we are in desperate need; exhibit A) a new blanket for the bed. Our current one is the very same one my parents had on their bed when I was less than 2-feet tall, it has barely survived 2 teething puppies, and their subsequent years of muddy paws. Needless to say, it's got holes and stuffing pulled out, and is threadbare in a couple patches. In a moment of weakness, I ordered this quilt from West Elm. Weakness because who knows where it was made and how few pennies they were paid to make it. That's the cost of affordability. The guilt didn't discourage me for buying 2 of these woven wood trash cans, either. I like the idea that the trashcan will eventually biodegrade--I wonder how long those plastic ones will last in the landfill (not that I throw trashcans away often, but it happens). Yeah, so I think too much, I'm sure. And I worry a lot.

But I no longer need to worry about the health and happiness of my hens. They're laying! Yep--that's right, we've got eggs in our fridge, straight from the backyard. Which. is. so. rad. And now all I want to do is sit outside and watch them, nay, will them to lay lay lay!

I've also added a little button in the side bar for 2 hand drawn frames--they're downloadable so you can print 'em up and doodle all over the place--may just be the perfect way to keep the kiddies busy at holiday meals.

wanna download? clickity clickity: {left} {right}

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