I'm working on the living room obsessively now that the new rug is here. Superficial, I know, but I have plenty of ways to rationalize it. I'm not sure I need to, but it does seem I swing back and forth from materialistic design snob to compassionate DIYer. One of the many reasons I'll use 2009 to find greater balance.

I dunno, it's not that we even have a lot of money, so the rug set me back a while on any spending sprees (that doesn't mean I'm not drooling all over the place at cute goodies), and it was $700 off, but now I know the money I spent on the rug could've gone towards a small project a friend of mine has taken on.

I think all of my friends were born with enlarged hearts, but not the dangerous, awaiting heart attack sort, the compassionate sort. Which is exactly why they're my friends. The most recent quest is a pretty easy one, I think. Getting 9 dogs (Mama, Papa, and 7 one-year old girl pups) spayed and neutered. Of course, first they need shots and vaccines, then the surgery. 9 dogs. She's found a great deal to get the shots and the surgery done at $70 a dog. Those of you with pets know this usually would cost hundreds of dollars per animal, so the deal is pretty phenomenal.

And yes, I know I'm always asking for help with the causes I believe in, but this time I have some incentive for you. You donate through PayPal, and for every $10 donation, I'll give you a $5 coupon towards the Wolfie and the Sneak Shop (not good towards Peer, but towards everything else). Easy Peasy! Just click on the button in the left hand column, and it'll take you to PayPal. I'll send you the directions for your coupon at that time, too!

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Matt Mewis said...

Hey there! I'm finally catching up on your blog and just sent some doggie love your way. I want you to know that I've been thankful for you this year. You're always an inspiration and I know that your future path is going to continue to be amazing.