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We had a tough weekend on the Sweet Haven 1-acre not-actually-a-farm Farm. Two of our hens were actually roosters. Apparently it's hard to tell the difference in a hen and rooster until several clues give it away: The feathers become glossy and more pointed**, spurs start become apparent**, and they start crowing. (**=not exclusively rooster traits from what I've read)

The crowing started last week, at the ripe old age of 6 months. With the first crow I simultaneously fell in love with the sound and experienced a few minutes of joy, which ceased and melted into the terrifying thought of my neighbors hearing and complaining, then utter sadness, knowing we couldn't keep them.

Saturday morning we took them to the hardware store, where the guys had told us they had a list of people who wanted roosters. We didn't ask if they wanted roosters because they wanted a free chicken dinner. Where ever you went, Big Red and Little Jerry Seinfeld, I hope it's a good place and you're still strutting your stuff, showing off your gorgeous colors. We're so sorry to have let you go.

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modish said...

oh no, no wonder big red was so big! she's a he, he's a she, she's a he she! Well that's a big bummer you had to get rid of them :( I'm sorry! Hopefully some other nice folk with lots of acreage and crowing space will snatch them up for "spreading the love" purposes, not dinner plate purposes...