It's coming! The Handmade Market, run by a bunch of my favorite gal pals, is less than a month away. The show is always fantastic, loads of fun, and Raleigh itself is pretty dern cool.

That means I have to cease and desist on thoughts of my soon-to-be hens, and get moving on packaging products.

While Hi-C went out to play last night, I sat in front of the TV soaking up the worst of the worst in terms of brain rotting shows: Ugly Betty and Grey's Anatomy. You know, several seasons ago I kept up with both fairly regularly then got fed up with all the drama. Ugly Betty is still using the same jokes, she falls in love with any man who gives her the eye. And Grey's Anatomy--yikes. Apparently the writers have never heard of a marriage without cheating spouses.

Well, that wraps up a busy work week here in Sneak-ville! Come see me later over at Modish for your weekly Petals and Pedals!


Unknown said...

i'm with you about grey's...i still watch, but i feel dirty about it. ok, maybe not dirty, but addicted is a better description of it. thanks so much for sharing yourself with everyone.

Libby said...

Yes to Grey's, No to Betty (although my teenage daughters LOVE it.) Enough said. This is the first time in forever I have commented on a blog. It is also the first time I have been to your blog. I followed a trail from Etsy-I wish I could tell you where it began. Something to do with Chocolate and silver. I will have to back track. I live in Goldsboro NC and so am very happy to find out about "The Handmade Market". If you have any tips I would love to hear them. I am off to read a little more and research the market. Thanks again!

kristen said...

i'm so over grey's anatomy. i used to love it but now i can't stomach all the drama and meredith gets on my damn nerves.

anyway, see you in a few weeks! tell charlie that he can run your booth while YOU go get drunk at a bar around the corner...