The summer recipes at Anson Mills have been posted, and the tortillas are definitely on my list to try. The beginning narrative is wonderful, but also makes me wonder what kind of farmer lives a "the crops have been planted so I'm sitting here at the beach house" kind of life? I would like to sign up for that life, please?

I've got 2 gallons of milk in my fridge with the name Cheddar on them. First, the cultured buttermilk must become a mesophilic culture, though.

Figuring out with to do with the red freestone peaches in my fridge. Canned for a bit of summer in the winter? Peach butter?

This past weekend we made: 6 quarts of marinara sauce, 1 quart and 6 pints of relish, and bottled 48 Sierra Nevada style pale ales. Sounds like there's a party on the horizon, huh?

And yes, there is art happening all over the place in our house, getting prepared for (read: freaking out about going to...) Renegade. But I've decided to keep all of these projects top secret. . .at least for as long as I can keep a secret because I'm not so good at keeping my own secrets.

Thank you for your kind comments as I publicly displayed my personal doubts about this trip. I'm trying to remain in check. The anxiety monster, however, hasn't been listening to self assurance. Just gotta keep doing, though, right? That's what we all do: keep trying.

And if you're so inclined for an art investment, the Old School Show at Uppercase is available online. My work is on page 2. Word on the street is, my pre-ordered copies of the show books are on their way into the US right now. I will have a few with me at Renegade for sale as well, just because it's such a rad show I think people will like it. When I say rad, I actually mean RADICAL. If you feel so inclined, you can preview it here.

In other news, I'm tired of tripping over materials in my studio, so as I get the time and motivation, they're being added to the etsy shop. So far it's just a giant roll of oilcloth, but there will be more. Oh yes, there will be lots more.

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Andrea said...

can't wait to see what your plans are for the oilcloth!