Maybe it was too much caffeine or too little money in my pocket for comfort. Whatever the cause, I was a poopy head all weekend, grumpy and generally unpleasant.

Last night, curling up together on the couch, watching the Olympics with my man, eating homemade salt and pepper potato chips.

I did get a little cleaning done, not a lot, definitely not as much as I'd hoped. Hi-C, at my suggestion enlisted the help of my brother, and the two of them started their first batch of homebrew, so the house smelled like a yeasty, malty cooking spree--not bad, but not good. Just distractingly different. I kept wanting to check in and see what was going on, though I know full well I can't add any more hobbies to my list of things to do.

Get to the door prizes you say?!?
I was supposed to announce the winners on Friday, I know, but I've changed my mind a bit. And yes, I have the right to do that.
If you commented last week, I need your address. Yes, I want everyone's addresses. email them to nobiting@gmail.com. If you won, you will be receiving the prize you're due, but also everyone will receive a little something else! Heck, even if you comment today, send your address to me and I'll send you a little something cute and fun.

While I'm still on the hunt for a good bargain, and it seems most of you are artists, I thought a couple good alternative sources to the typical ad campaign might help. These are all fairly well-known, but definitely successful for a reason:

Etsy's Cooperative Advertising Program.
Indie Fixx Galleria info here.
PikaLand's PikaPackage.
Poppytalk Handmade Market Deadlines here.
The Sampler--a boatload of bang for your buck.

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