here's a little sneak peek (hmmm, not so much a peek as a full on unveiling?) of the pieces for the Songcatcher show.

Something similar is in the works for the Uppercase's Old School show. If you're interested in purchasing the catalog for the show, they are now available here.

We're getting geared up (haha, bike humor) for another car free weekend. An experience that has taught me the luxury of not driving.

Some of my weekend plans will be posted to Modish later (and don't forget! the Modish shop is closing soon, so buy up and save--and get entered in the great giveaway she's got goin' on!)

If I can talk Charlie into it, we just might make it out to tonight's Critical Mass ride (meet up is at the Common Market in Plaza Midwood).

And to risk sounding like an extrovert, tomorrow I'm going to meet the lady that spearheads the Matthews Farmer's Market and check into some volunteering.

If I preach so much on community but stay well-hidden in my comfort zone, what will I learn? So wish me luck and the absence of panic attacks and I'll see you on the flip side!

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