This weekend will feature a juggling act--
Getting in the dirt to plant the tomatoes that are ready to stretch their toes, while participating in Inspire! Ballantyne: a 2-day spring art, music, and cultural event.

I'm excited to meet Rosa Murillo, who is also on etsy. She'll be one of the +/-20 other artists there, and I'm so glad. I can't wait to see her work in person, this mixed media piece is a really great example of her work.

I'll also be debuting (hahaha, seems like such a formal, funny thing to say!) some new pieces that are a little different: they're just as pretty as everything I've been doing, but are 3-d and much more conceptually driven.


Francie said...

in case you've ever wondered where your stickers and penpal kits and such end up... http://hortonart.blogspot.com/2008/04/what-i-do-for-fun.html


Rosa Murillo said...

I'm so excited too!!! can't wait to see your work in person! we will have to do the no-rain dance.