When I found out Jen (aka fieryeyed) was phasing plastic out of her life, I commiserated. With the negatives plastics have to offer us, why is it such a miracle product?
Then when she commented on how much fun her girls would have with the fabric boats I was making, I knew I needed to send some their way.
So off they flew, to new lands.

And in return, I received one of my CIY drawings, colored by one of her little ones, all framed up, wrapped with the greatest of care, and accompanied by some of Jen's beautiful postcards!

Swapping and collaborating?? Awesome awesome awesome.

(the photos above are mine, except for this last exquisite one of the ships in the midst of an imaginary tale, that one is Jen's work. If you're not familiar, go here because you should be.)

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Unknown said...

what a sweet sweet present!