Speaking of snow, me and the mister are currently on a spending freeze (think house, think house, think house), but that didn't stop us from daydreaming about a new bed. Actually it was night dreaming, last night, in bed, on the Offi laptop table, with the lap top. . .okay, before this sounds even more like a never ending game of Clue, I'll get back on track.

We have fairly different tastes in furniture, but when we agree, boy do we agree (exhibit A. mid century couch).

Both of these modern hotties are from the ModLivin site, where I bought the Offi Laptop table.

Okay, so when I shop (online or in person) I am a customer service stickler. A snobby salesperson, a store too busy to answer a question, any sort of disservice to my shopping experience can be reason enough for me to shop elsewhere.

When I purchased the aforementioned laptop table, it was out of stock at the Offi warehouse. ModLivin wrote and called to let me know that, then followed up to let me know the expected ship date. Then, after all that, it arrived a week earlier than expected! That's what I'm talking about, people, niceness. Even niceness over a small item purchase, what a dream come true.

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