They say apathy is worse than either extreme, when politics is concerned, right?
I love to see homemade signs and signals of people coming together, whether I agree or not. On our way home from Handmade Parade, we passed countless cotton farms, many of which had signs at the highway stating "No OLF". So I checked it out, and guess what I learned?

Later I'll post some pics of the drive and the adventure! What a great show, thanks Norfolk Craft Mafia for having us! Now I'm back to work while Mr. Mr. stays home and cleans house.

And even though it was really only 2 days away from home, I'm looking forward to getting some quality time in with the kids, getting my face licked all over and cuddling up on the couch. The kitties stayed home by themselves and last night as I melted into the couch under blankets and quilts, they found satisfactory nooks and curled up on me, keeping me snug and happy. My parents watched Wolfgang and Murray, and said they wouldn't eat much while we were gone, I guess they really do love us! Oh happy days!

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