Man oh man! I had 3 doorprizes and only 2 takers?? If anyone else out there wants to take a shot for the third one, leave a comment on my last post about a connection you've made! If there's one comment, it'll be yours; if there are multiples I'll do a drawing for who gets it.
Heather and Jessica: email me your address [ nobiting at gmail dot com ] and I'll send your package out this week!

In other news, today I have formally stepped into my 30s. Woo hoo!!


heather smith jones said...

Happy Birthday to you! :)
Whoah, thank you for the prize! Hey, wait, it's your birthday, you should be getting the surprises and prizes! I hope you have a great day!
i've linked to you from my blog, i hope it's ok...

Unknown said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! How exciting. hope you've had a fantastic day. :)

Thanks so much for the prize, too! I can't wait... It's so sweet of you! I'll email you my address right now.

Anonymous said...

Hi Renee,
I must first say I am commenting only to connect, not receive any gift. the gift is the thought you have put out there.
I came to read your blog today after loving your art for a while. (and finally ordering some!) I was saddened to read of the tragic news but appreciated that you wrote about it. The reason, you bringing to light the idea of thoughtfulness. I feel a constant need for more thoughtfulness in modern culture. And by thoughtful, I me mindful, aware. Once a person is aware they cannot be oblivious anymore. The ideas of "need" seem to outweigh the ideas of thoughtfulness nowadays. I get saddened by people ignoring each other. But I also get uplifted by people like you and your commenters. People who do still realize we're here together and should keep sight of that. I love people, and I cannot help reveal that when I interact with them. I was just in NYC and was so delighted to meet some friendly helpful New Yorkers. It was my first time visiting there and I went wondering if I would feel scared, or insulted. I connected to many people the few days I was there in many tiny every day incidences and it really made my trip. The art was grand, and so were the people. :)