Oh those lazy, lazy weekends. This one started off with me having some sort of inkling a wedding was coming up. One of C's coworkers was getting married, although I was under the impression it would be sometime in October.

Friday Mr. C told me the wedding was Saturday night. Out of town. And me? Well, I haven't had a proper haircut in several months because my stylist was pregnant (and now is on maternity leave) so I've been cutting my own hair. I can't stand thick, lumpy, frumpy, unwieldy hair, which is what my hair is 90% of the time, excluding the week following a cut. So that's me on the left, with super dork hair that I've been chopping away at sporadically for the past several months in an effort to avoid exactly what I've ended up with. In order to compensate, I spent Friday night shopping with my sister for a dress to wear. Seems all I wear these days are my work clothes. When did that happen?? $100 in hand, I set out on a mission for a dress and the appropriate undergarments, should the need arise (and it did). I got a dress on sale at Anthropologie ($69.95), a slip-style dress($19.99) because the matching color slip that came with the dress was too blah, opaque black tights ($5.99) and a strapless bra ($5.00!!!) all from Marshalls. Total=Just under $108.00 + 5 hours of shopping. Considering the 1 day notice, I think I came out alright. And the dress? A beautiful lacy sweater knit in one of my favorite colors!
I'm sure that was too much info about me. I feel the need to write a bit, I've been busy with so many other things lately, the blog has been ignored. Once again, I'm buried beneath the sewing machine, this time preparing for a Winter/Holiday show while the weather outside seems content to say in the 90s. Not inspirational. Last week I was getting together 200 samples to go out, before that I had a Sampler Select to prepare (October, not yet on sale), and before that another commission! All the while, I'm waiting for responses from not 1, not 2, but 3 shows to know where, when, or if I will travel to sell my wares this winter.

Saturday afternoon four of us (the three in the pic + Mr. C) piled into the car and off we went. The wedding was relatively small and very beautiful. Turned out the now-married couple started dating in high school (something like 10+ years ago). Amazing.

Love. True and simple.


Anonymous said...

Nice dress! That's my kind of shopping.

Unknown said...

gorgeous! i just went to anthropologie today and stood staring at the rack of knobs for who knows how long. i love that store!

glad the wedding was fun! can't wait to see all the work you have up your sleeve..... :)

and yes, it was a bummer about missing howard finster's house-- i would've jumped the fence, but was afraid of the barbed wire....!