hmmmm...now I'm thinking I should have color corrected this image before putting it up on flickr. maybe I'll post a better one tomorrow. chasing down the need for quiet space, I jumped back into unfinished project # 5(-ish) and started work on the bathroom again.
this was much to the dismay of the mister, who thought I might abandon the project 3 nails into it, leaving the room in worse shape than I found it. we had a little bickerfest, which I took as a challenge, so there was no abandoning, except maybe the wild chaotic abandon it took to get the room halfway done. so now, at least, when looking forward while on the toilet, the room seems bigger and closer to being finished. the paint is a Behr color called something-really-descriptive Brown, but in the space and in relation to the tile color comes off as more of an olivey-beige than the more neutral khaki beige I'd thought it would be. it still works, I think, lending a more natural tone to the room.
when the project was started (about a year ago??) I ripped out a 20 year old yellowed white vinyl shower liner and abandoned the project when I saw the poor shape of the gypsum underneath. the mister picked up from there after 6 months of being frustrated with my unfinished project (hence the bickerfest) and retiled the shower with tiles found at the big box hardware store and the area Habitat ReStore. beyond that, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves, but if you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comment section.

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Isn't the ReStore great?