LaSuperette is this weekend. If you are in the NYC area go out and buy a certain someone's limited edition coloring book for that certain someone. I've incorporated some of my newest drawings, which include a cupcake and doily inspired delights.
What is LaSuperette? Why shop LaSuperette? It's the closest thing to "original" since, errrr, Duke's Mayonnaise. ?
But seriously, where else would you have the chance to buy a Matthew Barney Bootleg (for your very serious, very sophisticated, always one up on you, art-collecting, former college roommate), plush boob (single sibling?), and affordable prints (best friend moving into a new, sanitized and homogenized, desperately crying for ornamentation, stark white in not the possibly minimalist way apartment), a gorgeous scarf for the mom. . . you get the drift. But all artist made, and the installation and performances should make for a holly jolly weekend.
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