On our last visit to Grandma B's (C's father's mother), I spent time with her in what can only really be called the sewing wing of her house. She was a career tailor/seamstress, and still goes quite a bit of sewing though she claims she can't see very well anymore.
Part of our time was spent foraging some fabric she was about to give away. Between me and C, we swiped a tall kitchen trash bag worth of fabric, all of it significant yardage. After the foraging, Grandma B decided to give me a stack of preprinted pillow fabric; you know the kind: mostly faux quilted patterns in standard size squares with sewing directions printed on the unused part. Lots of quilted-style birds, lots of traditional quilt forms, some really phenomenal large chrysanthemum patterned pieces. I, however, am not one to decorate in the country/craftsy style.
So, what will happen to these calico ducks and teddy bears? Only time will tell, but I already have some ideas a'brewin. In the mean time, lets just say that Turkey Feathers has the right idea.

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