I picked up my Drinkabutter painting yesterday from the post office. It is gorgeous and delicate, and even better I got it on sale. There are several more pieces on sale. . . go snatch them up!
I'm also in the early stages of purchasing a piece from Lisa Solomon, which will make Mary (tricycle image to right) very jealous!
Mary was my fibers professor at UNCC, and is still a huge source of inspiration, a mentor, and a great friend. Read the article about her to know more. What an incredible woman!
Though here I most often vaguely, and snidely, comment about my own work situation, I struggle with ideas of womanhood. I wonder if my friendly phone voice and adeptness at transferring calls solidifies the stereotype.
I joked, when I first got the job, that I should wear a white dress to work everyday, in hopes that a suitable and honest-working man in the construction industry might find me an appealing prospect of a wife. What a perfect match that would've been!
All joking aside, as a secretary by day yes sirring my way to 3 when I go home, and using traditionally female roles to create art in the afternoon, I struggle.
What else do I know, and how do I prove myself to just be a person?

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