I can type quickly and efficiently without looking at my fingers, however, when I do look at my fingers I get all messed up. Hi-C makes fun of me when we're both on the computer at the same time because of the clickity clackity typing noises coming from my keyboard really, i want to type like the wind
there is something really interesting about the way our brains can connect so efficiently to our hands
that, and efficient typing makes me feel like putting on a Doris Day dress and singing wistfully over some handsome CEO who adores my helpless, slightly ditsy nature.
Not one to often repeat the DailyBuss recommendations, these cute little totes are perfect fore representing me, right now. Balance. When will I ever find it, and how will I ever learn to ignore the unproductive distractions of 1) crafts, for cuteness sake! 2) poor internet connections (staying on the internet to avoid working on myself. . . yoga or another game of sudoku. . .hmmm) 3) the overabundance of things I want to do blurring the focus of the things I really should be doing, and most importantly 4) my ever-ready reserve of excuses is getting me nowhere. Excuses are, after all, the biggest distraction.

Oh yeah, my name's Renee, and I'm a compulsive Libra.
This image, among many other fantastically colorful prints is available through MarlaCampbell.com. Apparently Marla was interviewed by Tastes Like Chicken, but if only I could figure out how to search their site; but still, I love them for this:

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