How quickly the end of the year is coming. While Christmas always seems to be a lot of hoo-ha leading up to am explosion of overconsumption and the subsequent equivalent to a holiday sugar crash, one thing is for certain. I always fall for the hard push of "get yourself organized" items found in retail stores. I think its because they push the 2 most common New Year's resolutions the hardest: exercise and organize, and I seem to have no problem putting my head down and ignoring the exercise equipment. No, I have a balance ball, I don't need another. Maybe if I used the yoga mat I have, I would fall prey to your shiny, newly packaged ones in tempting candy coated colors.
So at the end of the walk of shame through the "I need to exercise more jungle," I lift my head to the promise of getting my act together. Ooooo, if I had this calendar life would be so much easier. I definitely need a letter sorter. If I had pencils and a pencil sharpener I would use them! You get the idea. It never works, but I fall for it year after year. Maybe this year I need a stapler to staple the calendar to me, then I wouldn't forget it or lose it. That might be what it takes, and where would I begin to look for said stapler? Past the way too tempting stapleless animal staplers over at SeeJaneWork.
Once you've coordinated (in color and fragrance!!) your files, you can look to the future! Mmmm, grassy and fresh. . . that must be bills. After I pay those I'll have money for one of Jill Bliss' pocket calendars! And just because we forget to coordinate, I can see a Bob's Your Uncle 8 Days a Week calendar for the computer desk at home. With the extra space, I can leave large hints for my man, like: Clean the kitchen, Hi-C's bathroom needs a good scrub down, and R's birthday is coming up really really soon.

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