So the house has been officially ignored for. . . ages.

All these plans and no action. Last night I made little pocket mirrors for the show. Its so much easier to make stuff than, oh say, clean and rearrange. Plus Hi-C is in the middle of the heavy season at work. They, too, are preparing for Christmas and beyond. I don't ask because I don't entirely want to know, but I think they are already shooting pics for the after-Holidays sales.
Last night though, I was busy making little mirrors and printing coloring pages while He was downstairs playing clarinet for a mutual friend of ours (the one outlined by the light tracers, not David, himself). It was an incredible feeling, all the creativity flowing through the house. Very satisfying.

But the mirrors, oh the mirrors! They are adorable creations, the sole intent of my newest purchase, rationalized as a purchase for the craft show. A Badge-a-Minit machine. SWOON. I have given it all of my spare time since it came out of the box. Its all plastic, but very sturdy. It took a fair share of tinkering before I figured out how to use fabric with it, but I got it working. I received my underwhelming package of cloth from Contemporary Fabrics and the Marimekko samples were less fun than I had hoped. Yes, even the best design houses can make mistakes. They were swatches from the Marimekko book I suppose, but were all these intentionally washed out colors and due to the scale very 80's. Not rad 'n retro 80's, but super stonewashed to near-speckledness tapered leg, pleated waist with puffy paint ornamentation 80's. Bleck. The mirrors are just small enough to hide the scale and abstract pattern, reduce the swatches to being pastel colors. The other pieces were lovely, though, and I will definitely be using them for placemats, activity bags, whatever other kinds of fiberous loveliness I can dream up.

I imagine I could get a fair amount of use out of it art-wise, too, but the "valid art" will have to wait. As patiently as the house is waiting, I suppose.

The below images aren't mine, they are images from etsy. These are the same types of mirrors as I'm making, but waaaay cuter.

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