Holly (over at Decor8... need I say that anymore? I do reference her quite a bit.) made a great point the other day, one which I hope I won't use to rationalize the current condition of my home. She speaks the truth in empathy and kindness, and I relate a little too well. Here is an edited version of the points that hit so closely to home:

Setting goals beyond our reach is the quickest route to failure. Taking on too much at once, thinking too big, not being realistic when it comes to budget, expectations, and the time that it will take to complete the work are other reasons we feel stuck. If we aren't realistic in our planning, stress and frustration will result. The happiness that you should feel 'during' the process will turn into a ball of dizzying stress. It's more important to relax and enjoy the ride, not always struggling to reach the destination. This is where I must practice what I preach.
Most creative types, especially as we enter our thirties, start to see and then (the hard part) accept that we will never be normal. Our friends may decorate their home once and never think about it again. Ever. Creative types think about what they can improve on a daily basis. What could be more interesting. Maybe the sofa should face this direction. Perhaps the wall should be blue again. It never ends. Truth is, our home will forever be a 'work in progress'. That can be hard to face, but it's true. And that's okay because I couldn't live in a home that I couldn't play with on a constant basis. On one side, it's time-consuming, costly, frustrating and makes your husband think you've lost your mind. On the flipside, everyone has something that they're into. If it wasn't decorating, I'd be obsessed with something else.

So I can just blame it on my creativity? I've been blaming it on my interest in too many things at once, my inner-child and a billion other things. Making a house into a home certainly is MAKING something, but I really should've made that connection a long time ago.
This also explains why Hi-C and I can't seem to clean house, but we sure can rearrange one!

But just for inspiration (and closer inspection) here is that awful room, the living room, again.

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