The coloring books went out this morning. I ended up Next Day Airing them to the Sampler. I learned 2 distinctly important lessons from all of this: 1) Don't trust Kinko's to cut your wares. If you must trust them, write explicit directions down, photographs and step by step instructions are beneficial. Lets just say there was a trimming mishap at Kinko's, and to absolve any mistakes I had to do some quick thinking. The number two lesson: use the US Postal Service when next day shipping something. I shipped the package (all 15 pounds of sampler love) for about $50 via the USPS, guaranteed by noon. It would've been $130 through UPS, guaranteed by 4 PM. So, another crisis neatly diverted. If you're a recipient of one of my 75 sample versions, let me know what you think! And those markers that are included. . . Mr. Stix Watercolor Scented Markers. These aren't your kids' coloring books. Those bad boys are ready for you to color and sniff!
Next up, the full version, ready for NY's La Superette in December. I'm trying to rationalize a trip there to coincide with the fun. So far, I've got nothing.

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