gorgeous and from *sigh* my favorite, Tord Boontje. see all three affordable and savvy versions at Design Within Reach. yes, you read that right, affordable and then I directed you to the DWR site. awe inspiring, isn't it?
I have to admit to loving Jonathan Adler's ceramic animals. very danish modern. very very very Dansk. slightly too Dansk, but very tempting and I bet I'll talk myself into caving on this one.
the adler version (left) has a bit of danish, stylized texture to it, the dansk is more minimal (right).
the one on the rig
ht is actually a smaller version of the Dansk pieces, and is a photo from eBay. that little fella is now on my fireplace mantle alongside the larger version and a very birdlike japanese teacup.
but since I'm on the subject of Dansk and similarities,

how 'bout the westelm placecard holders?
amazingly similar to the Dansk Gunnar Cyren figures, no?
and possibly a bit more influence than just inspiration?

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