Just in time for the weekend

I had a Friday Philosophizing post all typed up, just needing some images, but I'll post it next Friday. This one was a rough week, which means reflection is a much better choice for a Friday post.

A quote from Alice Waters and Chez Panisse, via Michelle Smith's blog:
She had fallen into the situation that characterizes a great many people of high accomplishment – so busy, so completely absorbed in their work, so resistant to any image of themselves except that of supreme accomplisher, that they unconsciously sacrifice self awareness, self-doubt, and the vivifying power of tranquil reflection.
 A series of events at the beginning of the week brought to light the many hats I wear (mother, wife, sister, friend, artist, full-time job holder, etc.) and how balance needs to be incorporated, so I can seamlessly move between roles. The week would down with another role, daughter, that needed attention. Daughter usually takes little energy and I was far from being prepared to step into that role, but when need calls, it doesn't stop yelling. Michelle's post came at a perfect time, exactly when I needed to stop and regather, reflect and recollect. Just in time for the weekend.

Also just in time for the weekend: a little bit of outdoorsiness on Modish. Come join me, won't ya?

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Julia said...

i hope your weekend is stellar, renee. i too have been thinking a lot about balance lately. it's hard. (and i too have been struggling with the "daughter" role lately!).