Tooting other horns

The Handmade Market Raleigh was incredible!!
Neesy and I carpooled there together. Thank goodness! It would've been a long boring drive home, but she's so great and so much fun!
Up in Raleigh, I met lots of friends face-to-face (including 80% of the Wonderland Retreat team!) like Tess, Ileana, and Michelle. I made a couple new friends, too! Beth and Maryellen are so awesome! How inspiring it is to be surrounded by such talent! Do you see that pale yellow, screenprinted, silk dupioni pillow on the bed? That's from the very talented Jenna Cary who was also at the Handmade Market. Other purchases include wares from Red Prairie Press, Art Goodies, and Deadbird. Then I started practicing self restraint. The bad part about a good show is all the cool and too tempting stuff there.
It was like being back in school surrounded by artistic energy and positivity! How rejuvenating it is to know you're in the right place.

The Grow poster is new from Frederic Terral, aka Right Brain Terrain. Not only are his Alternative Motivational Posters so friggin' cool, but he knows great customer service, which is always a plus! I saw them and thought I wouldn't remember to look back for the Grow one to come off the press, so he kindly sent me an email when they did! How nice is that?

The frame I got for 40% off at AC Moore, so it was about $16. Not too bad. They also had a 24 x 36" frame on clearance that ended up to be $7.50! I got that one, too, for a picture of Charlie's that needs reframing. Bargain frames rock, seriously!

I have decided to start working 32 hours a week in the office job and will have 3 full days to concentrate on art!

Yesterday was a big spring cleaning day for me. . . Check out the freebies on my yard sale blog, available now despite the outdated blog address: The Great Purge of '06.


Anonymous said...

It was so awesome to meet you, and Neesy...and everyone else!! I had a hard time showing shopping self control, but I'm comforting myself that I a. haven't shopped at all for like 6 months (at least, maybe longer?!) and b. don't usually get the pleasure of attending events like this as a spectator and c. gift shopping is done for at least a bit!

I am excited to send the CIY bears out, I started coloring and have been having so much fun!


Anonymous said...

It was very nice to meet you too! Sorry we didn't get to talk very much. I am looking forward to this weekend ....